WPHS 89.1

48 Hour Marathon
Starting March 29 @ 8AM until March 31 @ 10:30AM

The marathon will be completely live in the studio. 

If you would like to pledge money, please call 586-698-4500 or just e-mail us at WPHS@wcskids.net

Keep in mind that all money goes straight to the WPHS fund, and keeping our equipment updated and our learning experience optimal! 
More background:
Over the past 17 years we have raised close to 100,000 dollars for local charities. We have found that our station is recently in need due to District cutbacks, so we have decided to hold our own charity. WPHS is a non-profit organization that helps students learn about broadcasting and getting involved with the community. 

If you are a company planning on supporting WPHS during this time, we have cash underwriting for $250. We'll even put a link to your company on our website!

If you are just a person supporting WPHS, we will have plenty of incentive prizing you're able to win just by pledging money! It doesn't even have to be a lot, any amount is helpful.